So many use cases to support your goals

Instant interactions with minimal setup and support.

Web Conferences

Everyone suffers from "zoom fatigue," making it tough to keep your audience's attention on your presentation or product video. It just takes two minutes to engage your audience, get useful data from them, and get them interested in what you are sharing.

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Sporting Events

If your recent investment in stadium signage hasn't paid off, how about spending two minutes engaging with the audience from their seats? They have a good time, and you gain valuable data that can be immediately loaded into your CRM and email drip campaigns.

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Employee All-Hands

Do you have remote staff and struggle to ensure that everyone is on the same page in regard to the company's goals and priorities? Take a few minutes during your next all-hands meeting to conduct a quick poll with your employees to reaffirm your internal objectives.

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Concerts & Live Shows

The fifteen minutes during sound check should be used to generate purchases from your audience. A two-minute interaction to encourage t-shirt or merchandise sales coupled with discount incentives is the most cost-effective approach to generate revenue with the least amount of overhead and prep.

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If you are using business cards placed in a fish bowl as your way to reach out to prospects who pass by your booth, there is a better way to make contact, get more information about the lead, and greatly increase post show meetings. Educate and entertain for solid returns.

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Pair sponsored content with interactive promotional games to differentiate your brand from your competition. Give your sponsors more value than just auditory brand recognition. Collect data from your audience that helps your sponsor market to them post listen.

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Sponsors will get more value out of their hybrid Twitch or e-arena investments by being able to reach the audience where they are — on their mobile devices. Dead time between game rounds are ideal moments to build relationships with the crowd.

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Recent Blog Posts

One Month LinkedIn Experiment

Over the course of October, we did a test on the types of posts that generate the most views on LinkedIn. There were many lessons learned and future strategies to get the most out of our professional connections without coming off scammy or being overbearing. We get it, everyone is busy. All of our solutions are meant to minimize the time footprint.

How much is a "like" worth?

Last week we began a project where we’ll be regularly posting (twice a week) on LinkedIn as we work to grow the business. The posts will be informative (Tuesday) and product demos (Thursday) and will be exclusive to LinkedIn for our social network choice.

Weekly Demo Thursday Noon

We’ve just started a series of short demos that highlight many of the use cases that our ScreenDUET platform shines. Anytime you gather a group of people in an audience, we make it easy to seamless communicate with them and ask them questions.