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Recent Blog Posts

One Month LinkedIn Experiment

Over the course of October, we did a test on the types of posts that generate the most views on LinkedIn. There were many lessons learned and future strategies to get the most out of our professional connections without coming off scammy or being overbearing. We get it, everyone is busy. All of our solutions are meant to minimize the time footprint.

How much is a "like" worth?

Last week we began a project where we’ll be regularly posting (twice a week) on LinkedIn as we work to grow the business. The posts will be informative (Tuesday) and product demos (Thursday) and will be exclusive to LinkedIn for our social network choice.

Weekly Demo Thursday Noon

We’ve just started a series of short demos that highlight many of the use cases that our ScreenDUET platform shines. Anytime you gather a group of people in an audience, we make it easy to seamless communicate with them and ask them questions.