Feature rich platform that delivers data and fun

Designed for ease of use and rapid adoption without being creepy.

Easy Distribution

Participants can instantly connect via QR code or shortened URL from their device. No app download. No costly ramp time to participation. In less than 5 seconds, your audience can be engaged with content that you deliver.

Live or Evergreen

Event marketers won't have to choose between live or evergreen attendees since our platform easily transitions to our replay functionality once live event ends. Get more value from your post-event videos or seminars.

Your Customers

We don't aggregate, track or market to your customers. You don't have to pay extra to market to the leads and data you've gathered through our platform. Sometimes we can't even believe that this has to be said.

Your Brand First

Private labelled experiences through custom UI, dedicated domain and connecting your existing analytics to our platform. Your messaging, imagery and colors. Don't have your brand take a back seat.

Reports & Exports

Realtime reporting dashboard about your audience's engagement. See how each user participated so you can create custom drip campaigns post event. Export raw data to query and plug directly into your existing CRM.

Works Everywhere

Built to allow gameplay on mobile, tablet, desktop computer and smart TV browsers. Small footprint allows minimal cell phone data requirements and ideal for outdoor engagements.