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One Month LinkedIn Experiment

One Month LinkedIn Experiment

tldr: Here are a few lessons that we learned during the month with our LinkedIn posts:

  1. Put your Company post out first, then repost or comment on it from your Personal LinkedIn account. An exponential improvement happens in views and likes. Don’t just post but referencing a post seems to be the name of the game.
  2. Animated video posts don’t perform as well as a real face. This sadly means that I am going to have to dye my beard and comb my hair regularly.
  3. If you are going to spend $75 on boosting your Company posts, it is better spent digging a hole and putting the money in there instead. Paid LinkedIn boosts aren’t a good value.

Breakdown of Posts

Over the course of October, we posted to both our company and CEO personal LinkedIn pages. Each week we promoted a Thursday quiz event where we highlighted a special use case for our product.

Thursday of each week at noon central, a video was uploaded that showed off our platform and actually contained an async version of our game that could be played anytime. Below are the organic views and likes for each of the posts.

For additional reference, here are the URLs to the LinkedIn posts.


Here is a breakdown of the job areas of the people who watched the posts and videos over the course of October. Salespeople and Business Strategists are definitely in our ideal customer funnel, so it is good to see that the top jobs were in those areas. We believe that every sales person is just looking for an edge in our Zoom-ed environment and we believe we provide just that.


Being based in Austin and having our network heavily influenced by that location, we aren't surprised by it coming out as number one. Also the other cities match up pretty well to places our CEO has personally worked.

All-in-all we were pleasantly surprised by the response in LinkedIn just from our organic connections. We didn't do any emotional trickery or content hacking (you know the posts that start with a grabber sentence, then several line breaks forcing you to hit the "more" link). We definitely have more ideas to improve our effectiveness over time.

From a company perspective, we increased our company post impressions by 25,700%. We'll take it.

Boosting Posts Disappointment

We also experimented with paying to boost posts through LinkedIn's ad system. We set our budget for $75 and each week boosted the company posts. The long and short is after $75.82 spent, we only generated 1 (ONE!) click.

The user experience was subpar. The campaign pause button became unpaused after a few hours and frankly there wasn't enough analytics that could make that ad spend actionable.

Our targeting for the boosts posts were for people only in the USA, folks in marketing and sales job areas, and only director level and above. Here are the job area and location results.