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Weekly Demo Thursday Noon

Weekly Demo Thursday Noon

We’ve just started a series of short demos that highlight many of the use cases that our ScreenDUET platform shines. Anytime you gather a group of people in an audience, we make it easy to seamless communicate with them and ask them questions. Each Thursday at noon central, we will have a live game show across a variety of topics. Here are the topics for October. More to come in November and December.

  1. Oct 7th - Web Seminars (Web Video Statistics)
  2. Oct 14th - Sports Events (College Football Trivia)
  3. Oct 21st - Live Concerts (ACL Fest Artist Trivia)
  4. Oct 28th - Virtual Reality (NFT Trivia)

Each game takes less than 2 minutes of your participation. Each question has a 100 point value that goes down in value each tenth of a second you delay in answer correctly. Wrong answers have no point value. The winner of each game will receive a custom NFT exclusive to our weekly demos. We will transfer the NFT to the winner’s wallet at the completion of our gaming period. Typically from noon to 5pm central.

We will be going in-depth on our NFT Season One collection in a post in the future. But in the meantime, here is a taste of what we will be rewarding our demo winner each week. Each NFT is uniquely paired to the use case we are presenting with our game.

See you on Thursday!