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Spectrum VOIP VR Experience

Spectrum VOIP VR Experience

Spectrum VOIP in Dallas in the leader in VOIP phone technology and services. We were fortunate to be brought in by one of their partners to help them extend their reach into the virtual reality space. During the pandemic, Spectrum was unable to have visitors and prospects come to their amazing world class facility to show off their capabilities and NOC. Located in a beautiful high end location and building out such a facility left them working through other strategies for a tour.

We helped to build two environments in virtual reality that showcased their physical office by allowing prospects to take a full tour in VR. We took over 50 360 degree photos and turned them into 3D skyboxes that you could step into in VR. Imagine getting a full office visit but never having to leave your home. We also built out an auditorium venue where they have client presentations and meetings. All branded with Spectrum VOIP products and their client portfolio.

We are thankful for such tech progressive thinking to bridge the divides of distance and help to communicate their offerings in a new way.