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AT&T Virtual Conference

AT&T Virtual Conference

Living through the pandemic has been absolutely brutal and has affected many of the personal work relationships that we’d typically maintain through morning coffee meetings or offsite summits. We were particularly interested when one of our partners got to help facilitate an internal AT&T ACC business unit day conference. It was decided that all participants would be meeting virtually through an Oculus Quest 2 and inside of Spatial (a top notch world class VR collaboration platform.

We were brought in to help build out the meeting location by adding partner branding, collaborative 3D models, and help make the space feel like part of their organization. The meeting not only went off with out a hitch, but by allowing remote attendees to “feel together” in VR, an extraordinary interaction occurred that we weren’t expecting.

Since the client was AT&T, we added a few virtual models that aligned with their brand. One of them being AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. The model was in the room for decoration but we did put the green field inside the structure. So if you were to peak inside the stadium, you’d see the field. We loved how it looked.

At the end of the day conference, several attendees decided to grab the stadium, expand its size to envelop the room, and they decided to have a toast on the 50 yard like with a selection of virtual martinis and beer mugs. This was an unexpected interaction that we wouldn’t have predicted. It was touching since these folks hadn’t been in each others physical presence in over a year, but the comraderie was felt through a virtual environment.