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SXSW VR Collab

SXSW VR Collab

Here in Austin, one of the traditions of spring is the annual SXSW conference. Film geeks, tech nerds and music lovers from around the world converge in our beautiful city. It is magic and some of the best times in our city. Each year we are lucky enough to attend the BEST day party during the festival thrown by Austin’s Best Local Record Label, Chicken Ranch Records. Last year however the entire SXSW was cancelled and this year it was as well. However, CEO Mike Dickinson decided to still have his day show but virtually. Mr. Dickinson brought us in to help.

We created a complete environment that would allow a musician livestream to happen on a giant Jumbotron, a collection of album covers from Chicken Ranch artists, custom gender non-specific avatars wearing t-shirts that you could actually buy, and the worlds first NFT drop from Kengo Higoki (aka Peelander Yellow), one of the premiere muralists in the US today.

Over the course of 4 hours, we had over 120 attendees come on by to chat, listen/watch some live music and just hang out together despite not being able to physically do so. The amount of cutting edge tech to deliver this was incredible but it ultimately led to simple human connection an the appreciation of great music.